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Affirmations: trust > certainty

May 22, 2022 Meeting Ground
Spiritual Misfits Podcast
Affirmations: trust > certainty
Show Notes

There can often be this perception that faith is just about belief. And when your beliefs feel strong, your faith is strong. 

This can mean that on the days when you feel uncertain, unsure or disoriented, you begin to blame yourself for having a weak faith. 

But, what if the whole time we’ve been conceiving of faith in a manner that is a little distorted? 

In his book ‘The Sin of Certainty’, Pete Enns puts it this way: 

"I believe that the Bible does not model a faith that depends on certainty for the simple fact that the Bible does not provide that kind of certainty. Rather, in all its messy diversity, the Bible models trust in God that does not rest on whether we are able to be clear and certain about what to believe. In fact, the words “belief” and “faith” in the Bible are just different ways of saying “trust.” And trust works, regardless of where our knowing happens to be."

When you stop thinking about faith as believing certain ideas, and instead begin to think about trusting — in God’s goodness and love — it can totally change the lens you’re looking through. 

 Here are a set of affirmations for when you need reminding about this alternative lens.

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